The Only Barbeque Chicken Pizza

I made this pizza a couple months ago and have been craving it ever since. It is honestly the best pizza I've ever had (and it can be made gluten free & paleo). I'm posting it because it is a recipe that can (and should!) be made with BBQ'd ingredients. Since it is barbeque season what could be better than combing grilled delights with earth fired goodness?

Barbeque Chicken Pizza, the love of food blog

The only disclosure I have to make is that the phenomenal eats come with a slightly higher price tag...  this pizza's ingredients are a little pricey but well worth it if you have a free night and want an interactive evening of culinary delights. Wash it down with a good beer or glass of wine and you will be the hero of your next barbeque or dinner party.

Barbeque Chicken Pizza, the love of food blog

Aged Cheddar and Grilled BBQ Chicken Pizza


         1/2 can/jar marinara plus BBQ sauce to taste (BBQ sauce by itself tends to be a little too intense)


                     1 large handful grated aged white cheddar (omit if making paleo)
                     1 large handful sliced smoked mozzarella (omit if making paleo)
                      1/3 grilled (or sauted) onion
                      1/3 grilled (or roasted) red pepper
                      1/2 grilled chicken breast
          You're already barbequing and making pizza so make it easier on yourself by buying a premade crust or dough (gluten free or regular) and follow the directions. For you "normal" folk Trader Joe's premade crust. A $1.30 bag of dough makes 2 to 3 thin medium sized pizzas.

For Grain-Free Crust (Cauliflower pizza crust): See recipe here.

Make crust according to directions. Add Sauce and Toppings (after barbequing them obviously)
Bake pizza at around 400 degrees for ten or so minutes.. until the toppings are oozy and melted.

Barbeque Chicken Pizza, the love of food blog
Eat & Enjoy :)