Amazzzing Citrus Mint Dressing

I found this gem of a dressing in my newest cookbook Gorilla Food: Living and Eating Organic, Vegan, and Raw. This fresh and zzzzingy dressing will make your salad eating experience exhilarating..


Citrus Mint Salad Dressing

2 TBS grapefruit juice (or Orange Juice if you don’t have Grapefruit Juice)

½ Cup orange juice

2 TBS lemon juice

6 Sprigs fresh mint

5 TBS  olive oil, grapeseed oil,  and/or flax oil


Blend all ingredients in a blender or food processor until smooth in consistency. Make your favorite salad, pour it all over, and ENJOY :)

*Note: I found this recipe tasted better 24 hours after it was made. The flavors taste great after they blend together. Also feel free to add more mint.